6 Things To Do Before You Get Into Another Relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Getting out of a relationship often leaves us bruised, emotionally. Doesn’t matter if it was a mutual or one-sided decision, it is hard and leaves back a thousand memories. The biggest mistake people getting out of a relationship make, is jumping in another relation. This ends up making a huge mess of your past, present and future. Don’t let your past interfere with your present, this is how you do it


It is extremely important that you have a final answer to the question 'can we still make it work?'. This should be black or white, leave no grey areas. Grey areas mean doubts, false hope for getting back together and a load of guilt for being unfair to the person you are committed to, now. Don’t break up over a text or a message on some social networking site, it is an immature act. Be sure and be clear about the fact that it’s done and nothing will make you two come together, again. If you will not have proper closure before you get in another relationship, you will always subconsciously hope for them to be back or it will come to your mind every now and then.