20 Things every guy does after breaking up with their partner

A Posted 2 years ago
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Before you guys read this article, I'm going to tell you guys that I'm a guy and I wrote this myself. It may seem like "male bashing" to you guys at first but keep reading till the very end to understand my point.

Guys are not robots, all of them can’t be The Terminator, we can’t just say ‘I’ll be back” after a breakup because once we’ve said “Hasta la vista” to our partner, in most cases, they don’t take us back and thus us guys do feel things, especially hurt, anger, and devastation because underneath all the abs and manly talk, guys are pretty vulnerable.

No, we are definitely not bulletproof and breakups are worse than getting shot because it’s the person you thought was your second half that shoots you while you’re not paying attention and then… well, we try to cope with it as best we can. Here are the twenty things I’ve come up with that us guys do after getting our hearts crushed to pieces by the manicured hands of the female population;

1. Shed some tears

This might come as a shock to some but yes, we cry. Not full out sobbing or anything, just a tear here, a tear there, in the liquor aisle of the grocery store at 2am, maybe. Or at work after everyone has gone home, often while eating dinner alone and remembering how she used to make the best lasagna.

You can almost feel her sitting next to you and telling you about her day and your mouth is filled with delicious, cheesy goodness and all of a sudden you feel the first tear fall on your hand because it’s just too much. It’s completely alright and natural to cry about it because we’re only human. It’s totally fine to let it all out; the pain, rejection and sadness, the nostalgia takes weeks to get it all out properly. *Continue reading on next page*