10 Things I got to learn while everyone else was getting married

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Here are ten things I got to learn while everyone else was getting married:
  1. Your ‘type’ will change significantly with time

Especially by the time you reach your mid to late twenties. You will start to look for deeper and more concrete qualities in a prospective partner with honesty, integrity, and responsibility being on the top of your list, instead of just choosing someone who is fun to be with.

You will start to appreciate the kind of partner who is capable of having meaningful conversations about life, about your family, about any problems you have, and even about the work you do. Because as we grow up, the things that matter most to us change significantly as well.

  1. Discovering the right career path holds more importance than getting married

Pushing yourself to discover the right career path to follow in life will be one of the most rewarding gifts you will ever give to yourself. Because when you finally do, the right career will constantly provide you with something to look forward to.

It will provide you the motivation to keep growing and learning new things in life. It will make you a better and much happier person. And you will never have to depend on just ‘love’ to keep you happy.

  1. Modern dating forms sucks but they can really teach you a lot

Modern dating forms truly suck. But with every new dating disaster you encounter, you end up learning one more thing about yourself and even about the kind of person you’re actually looking for. You also start to learn to love yourself more.

And you learn that sometimes, it’s okay to choose being alone over being with a person who can’t even treat you right, or a person who doesn’t really want to define the relationship. - Continue reading on next page