Things I wish someone told me when I was 18

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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When I was 18, I had it all figured out. My destiny was something that I had planned. I was unaware of the fact that you can never control your destiny. Life places a lot of obstacles in your path and tries to hamper your progress and to reach a designated place, you are coerced to change your path and sometimes this journey can lead you to uncharted territories. We should never underestimate the ability of life to surprise us.

I knew what university I wanted to go to and I knew what career I wanted to choose and I had it all figured out but behind the curtains, life was chuckling with an evil grin. Little did I know that I was trying to control my life and when you’re in control, you are at a dangerous disadvantage.

Here are some of the things I wish someone would have told me when I was 18.

  1. All I had to do by 18 was preserve my originality

All I had to do by 18 was to be myself, to preserve the little bits of goodness that I had acquired over a span of several years. All I had to do was hold on to hope and not let the imminent future render me heartless and stone cold.

The trick to living forever is not immortality or finding the elixir of youth but living with yourself. Being a person who has that flair, that originality that grants him some sort of pride.

  1. All I had to do by 18 was get scarred and learn how to heal

Teenage years are an emotional mess. You get scarred and this is the time when you start to lose hope and lots of it altogether. You finally come to know that this world can be a terrifying place to live in and trusting someone can shatter your heart into smithereens. - Continue reading on next page