12 Things Men Will Never Understand About The Women In Their Lives

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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There are some things men just can't understand.

Let’s get one thing straight: women aren’t as confusing as men always portray them to be! All we need is a little bit of understanding, a little bit of respect, a little bit of support, a little bit of love and… okay, I admit it. Maybe we do need a lot of things to be truly happy but that doesn’t mean you guys should get terrified and confused even about the things that are a normal part of every girl’s life.

Here are 12 things about women that men are usually fascinated and intrigued by:

  1. Bras

I don’t get it. What is so interesting and exciting about this uncomfortable extra layer that we’ve been bound to wear every single day? Just hand any guy a bra and watch his eyes light up with excitement as he tries to analyze it thoroughly and comes up with all kinds of games to play with it for hours. And it won’t even matter what age he is.

  1. Periods

Every guy I’ve ever met has been terrified and yet extremely intrigued by a girl’s menstruation cycle. They’ll want to ask a lot of questions from you. But the minute you try to explain, they’ll just get uncomfortable, maybe even a little grossed out. And all they know for sure about it is that they should stay away from a woman who is PMSing. Far far away.

  1. Jobs

Even in this day and age, when almost every person you meet is highly motivated to make something out of their lives and to become independent, just tell a guy about the amazing job you landed right after university and watch as they get surprised and maybe even a little intimidated.

Maybe it’s hard for the guys to accept that a woman’s only mission in life isn’t just to find a rich and successful guy who can marry them and take care of all their financial needs. Or maybe they just can’t believe that a woman can be as competent as them in terms of landing a job. *Continue reading to next page*