12 Things Your Partner Needs To Hear More Often

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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We often forget how important communication is in a relationship. There are days that pass by without us talking to our partners because there is not much to say. Do not let such days stay for long. Flirt when you get a chance, say meaningful things besides only always reminding them to bring the grocery.

There should be certain things that only you and your partner know the meaning of; secret sentences, reading between the lines etc to feel exclusive. Besides all that, every once in a while, tell them the things they need to hear from you as a companion. For example, the following phrases should be repeated in a relationship to keep it alive and healthy.

  1. “Let’s Go on a Date”:

What a lot of couples do wrong is forget that they were young once. Getting so busy in lives so as to completely forget the things which brought you and your partner close is not a nice idea. Your lives may have taken different turns but you two are still together so why not feel young again?

Do it more often. Make them feel like you have not forgotten the first date and that red dress/suit (obviously not red) and want to experience all of it again. It’s healthy and tells them that you are not willing to give up on the relationship and still pay enough attention to keep things fresh.

My 80-year-old uncle and aunt still go on dates every month and believe me I have not seen anything more beautiful.

  1. “I am here to help”:

If your wife has a super hectic schedule where she is running to complete one task after another and you happen to have a free day or some free time, tell her you are available to help. If your man has been doing a lot lately and you happen to have some free time, make yourself available to ease it for them and do it more often. Do not completely take everything on yourself, no, just share their stress to make them feel helped.

That is what couples are all about. As a kid, I admired the concept of two people sharing lives because with someone to share everything with it would be so much easier to handle all the bad things in life. Growing up, I realize it is indeed a blessing.

  1. “How was your day?”

Besides all the grand gestures to keep the relationship healthy, this small gesture of just asking them how their day went can help a lot. Just catch up with them daily, or almost every day, and listen to them telling you about something funny that happened in their workplace or something unusual they saw on the street.

It might not do much but before you know you are laughing with them and bridging that distance that routine can build up sometimes. So talk more.

Ask them about their day, don’t interrogate. Moreover, while you listen to their silly stories, make sure you appreciate them for some good deed or at the end of the day, take some minutes out to tell them you missed them. Small gestures like these, sometimes, do a lot more than we can imagine. - Continue reading on next page