10 DUMB Things You Should NOT Be Doing On Your First Date

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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First dates can be pretty nerve-wrecking. The last relationship you had was a complete disaster, you haven’t really been out in months and in this extremely long dry spell, you had managed to convince yourself of your inability to interact with the opposite sex.

Now, I can’t instruct you exactly on what moves to put on, what topics to talk about and how to make yourself look like the sexiest, most appealing option out there. But no worries! What I can do is something even better- I have compiled a list of all the things that you should avoid doing on a first date. Just avoid these and the rest will be taken care of by the charming personality that got you this date in the first place

  1. Rambling on about your ex

Okay, we know that a few months from now, you thought you would never have to go on a first date again. We know you couldn’t stop thinking about him from the moment this date was set. We know it’s hard to get over someone you held so close once but the person sitting in front of you has probably gone through the same things.

He isn’t here to listen to you rant about your ex or start repairing your broken heart from day one. He’s here to meet a new person, to forget the past and to have a good night and that is exactly why you were here too. So stop discussing your ex and why you guys broke up and try to get to know this new person sitting right in front of you.

  1. Using your phone the entire time

So your friends were even more excited about this date than you were and they keep texting you to ask how it’s going. Put your phone down and do not reply. If someone starts calling, cut the call and tell them you’re busy. If you just got a Snapchat from someone, ignore it. Everything can wait a while except this new person in front of you, this person who can and should get insulted if you act like you find your phone more interesting than him/her.