6 things that start to really suck once you’re in a relationship

F J Posted 2 years ago
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With Hollywood romanticizing the idea of love and falling in love, all everyone seems to want to do is find someone and make them their girlfriend or boyfriend. But in all the hype what most young people tend to forget is that there are some pretty pertinent cons of getting into relationships especially for us unemployed adolescents with no real aim in life. Here is a list of all the things that really start to suck once you’re in a relationship.

1. Your personal savings

Contrary to what all these new pop sensations are saying- love isn’t priceless. Love is expensive, like really really expensive. Too many occasions and events that you never even knew about start to surface once you’re in a relationship how could you possibly know that 12th June is international couple’s day? And that there is such a thing as a one month-anniversary and a two month-anniversary, so on and so forth. There are simply too many presents to be bought, too many cinema tickets, too many dinner bills. All this extra spending will really make your bank account suffer and you can forget about the new camera you were saving up for.