Things That Actually Matter in a Relationship but people overlook them

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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I'm pretty sure that most people would admit that there's more than just falling head over heels for someone in order for a relationship to actually go somewhere. The fact is, there's more than love and displaying affection to have a strong bond with someone. Most people don't think practically when it comes to their partners; they tend to think with their hearts more than their brains.

Let's admit it, when you're in love, you tend to look at everything through a rose glass window. Even things that aren't perfect seem to be better than words with your partner. Although, I find that adorable at times, I need to point out that sometimes we need to focus on certain things which we don't think matter, but actually do in a relationship. 

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1. Money

I don't want to be the bearer of pretty obvious news, but sometimes you can't rely on love to pull you through each day. Times tend to get tough and in those times, couples are tested more than they've ever been. If they make it out successful from the first test, they think that they can overcome anything. Focus on the word - 'times', its plural, hence coming out victorious once isn't going to be enough.

I admit that supporting your partner no matter what is really important in a relationship but be honest, if they have a struggling profession and you can't make enough to pay the bills on your own, then aren't you supposed to be the more practical one? Most people don't think money is important. It might not be the most important thing but I'm pretty sure it makes the top ten.

No one wants to hear someone tell them that money is important. They'll go all hipster on you and tell you that there's so much more. Okay, I get that, trust me I do, but you can't deny that 'more' does include a certain financial standing.