Things That Your Girlfriend Wants But Will Never Ask For

F J Posted 2 years ago
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You know of those little things that you don’t really speak of but know that having them in your life would be so magically perfect? Things that are often a bit childish or too fairytale-ish, a little out of the ordinary or just something that is not what others want, usually, from their partners.
We all have those little wishes that we feel the need to be fulfilled. As time goes on, these needs start frustrating us and the only thing we soon want is for them to be fulfilled, everything else just starts to fade away.

We all are made that way. Your partner too. Women are complicated, being a woman, I accept this fact and that we require a little more than what you think you need to give us. As simple as that, a little more than what you think is enough, a little more than what you see other men do for their girls. I don’t mean an effort, proposal-in-Paris, kind of big but a-rose-on-the-bedside-on-an-odd-and-not-so-special-day kind of little.

Maybe it is not even something more, but just something out of the usual, out of the ordinary.
Something that makes your partner feel special! Every woman wants to feel special and that’s what requires and needs you to constantly make her feel like you want her like you have wanted no one ever. I believe that is something we all should be doing for our partners regardless, they are men or women.

But talking about women specifically here are a few things I can tell you.

We might not want you to take us out to fancy dinners and get us expensive gifts. We just want you to be there when it is important, when you are needed. Big days or small, we take you as partners and that’s what we really, eventually, genuinely want your time.

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