9 things you should know before getting into a relationship with a girl who has always been single

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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"She has learnt how to be dedicated and passionate about everything in life."

Not every girl’s mission in life is to find the perfect man. There are some girls who wish to stay free for a longer time, who want to spend most of their life in striving to become completely independent, who feel like having a guy by their side till a certain point in their life would be a liability and not a privilege. So when this girl finally decides that she’s ready to date and actually chooses you to be the lucky guy, then make sure you know these things about her:

  1. She isn’t looking to find her other half

She never was and she never will be. She takes pride in the fact that she’s a complete and independent human being. She doesn’t need you to pay for her meals, she doesn’t need you to drive her around, she doesn’t need you to buy her expensive gifts and she doesn’t need you to act like her one true saviour. What she does need from you is to treat her as a partner and not an inferior being, to let her be her own person and to respect the fact that she is here to share all the responsibilities of your relationship equally.

  1. Her support system is incredibly amazing

The fact that she’s never had to focus all of her time and energy on one specific person has given her the opportunity to invest it in the people who have been with her since forever- her family and friends. She has always been there for them in the good times and the bad, and they do the same for her. So when you came into her life, you became a part of her huge support system, not the one sole member of it.

  1. She has learnt how to be dedicated and passionate about everything in life

We can’t really say whether the fact that she’s a passionate and dedicated individual compelled her to stay single or the other way around. But whatever the reason might be, she has grown to seize every opportunity that comes her way, she puts her heart and soul into any work she takes up and she can never just settle with being ordinary.

So, don’t expect her to be your typical girlfriend and don’t expect her to make you the center of her life. Help her achieve greatness, help her fly, help her be extra-ordinary and she will inspire you to do the same.*Continue reading to next page*