6 things you can only know about love AFTER you have been cheated on

A Posted 2 years ago
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Love isn’t always easy, it might prove to be a real heartbreaker but no matter what, it always leaves behind many lessons that help us become better in either loving ourselves or loving someone else.

There is no bigger heartbreak than cheating. It is like a sandcastle that you build at the beach. You put your heart and soul into sculpting every bit of it. When it starts to break, you immediately try and hold it together.

You give extra attention to every crack you see appearing and you get so involved in this perfect castle of yours that you don’t see this huge wave coming your way. Before you know it, every effort you made has washed out. Once the wave goes back and you see where your castle used to be, you see nothing. It is like nothing ever existed there, like it was all your imagination.

Being cheated on is kind of like that. You think everything is going so perfect and that nothing can really take this away from you, sure there are ups and downs but nothing powerful enough to completely destroy your relationship.

When you are cheated on, it is an initial blow that hurts. It is the state of denial flowed by regret and remorse but as these feelings start to fade bit by bit, you realise that it actually happened for the best that is when your minds opens up to these things that you learn about love.

1. Love isn’t always rewarding

Yes, love is beautiful and it really changes your life but often that is not the case, often love is frustrating and a constant reminder of your imperfections. This is when you love someone and you aren’t loved back equally or even a little. When you show your complete loyalty towards someone but don’t get the same dedication in return.

In life and love, we have to face situations where you feel like all your love has gone to waste and you blame yourself for being stupid and gullible. Well, don’t, don’t blame yourself for being cheated on because this situation, you are in, clearly shows who had more to give to this relationship. You were honest, you were genuine and you were loyal to this relationship so if anything, be proud of yourself for finding so much love in your heart that you gave it to someone who couldn’t do equally for you.