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  • This couple celebrated their 40th Anniversary by recreating their 1975 wedding photographs


    True love lasts forever and this couple is the perfect example of that fact. True love is when you love someone beyond all superficial things, true love is when you decide to grow old with someone with everything you’ve got. Recently, a user on Reddit posted photos of his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. The lovely couple decided to recreate the memories from forty years back, wearing the same clothes.

    Check these out:




    40th Anniversary – 2015:






    40th Anniversary – 2015:



    Beautiful, just beautiful. The couple has aged very gracefully together. According to their son, his mother stitched the suit and dress herself and they still rock the outfits perfectly. It’s not impossible to spend a lifetime together, it’s all about how badly you want to. True love with make you age together and still be happy and content with life together. Believe in love.