This Guy Surprises His Girlfriend After Years of Long-Distance Relationship and didn't expect this to happen.

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Love is a fantasy, some say. It is nothing but chemical reactions in our brain and body. While some don’t like to believe in love, others have been left so heartbroken by the hands of the people they loved that their belief of love being true and one of the most beautiful things in the world has been crushed to pieces.

While the entire world strives and tries to decide whether love is actually as pure and true as it is claimed to be or not, some lovers are giving their best in the name of love. Sacrificing their own lives and their aspirations, they are busy in proving their own natural claim that love is what you make it to be.

The story of this fictitious couple as filmed by MOTIhub shows their long distance relationship which is beautiful yet tragic. The guy, Joseph, works in Dubai while his girlfriend lives in Philippines. They are shown to be a happy couple so in love that they video chat almost every day only to count one day less from the time period they are supposed to be away for. Joseph sends her gifts every once in a while; anything she mentions in her video call with Joseph is found sitting on her doorstep the next day.

Time passes and their relationship, in spite of the long distance, stays unaffected. But one day something unusual happens. Joseph, instead of sending a gift, shows up at her door himself to surprise her but what he sees there leaves him in a state of shock and sympathy. His girlfriend is blind.

She had been okay before they had separated but after he had left, she had been in an accident which took her eyes away. Joseph had known about the accident but she had not let him discover the fact she is blind. Her mother worried for her constantly, expecting Joseph to leave her when he comes to know the truth. But what Joseph did then, at her door, was opposite to their expectations. He embraced her. After moments of confusion and sadness, he embraced her. - Watch video on next page