This is How you express your Anger According to Your Zodiac Sign

It doesn’t matter how much of a humble or patient sort of person you are – everyone has their breaking point. We all get angry from time to time. It doesn’t necessarily make you a terrible person now, this anger. It’s much like a tower that keeps building itself higher inside you. The more you climb it, the higher it keeps getting. That’s when you lose your sense of patience and humility, hurting those around you in the process.

Astrology offers you a quick glance into the signs’ expression styles of anger. Once you know what ticks them off, you can work at keeping those things out of the routine so their anger remains under check. The trick, after knowing some of these ways of expressing anger, is to find a way to control it.

So, based on their zodiac sign, people express anger in either or all of these ways:


Being one of the fire signs, Aries are quick to anger. They don’t like it when they are not informed of something beforehand, need their time to prepare otherwise they lose their temper. They don’t mostly start fights but know how to end them. Their outbursts of anger are volatile, often surprising those around them.

Think twice about putting the blame on Aries, unless you are completely sure they truly deserve it – they simply can’t stand being called something they are not. Just as quick to anger, Aries are quick to cool it down too. They are also best at being the ‘forgive and forget’ kind. You can also read our very famous articles on how to love an Aries and how you should be loved.  – Continue reading on next page