This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Stop Wasting Time With

A Posted a year ago
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Honey, your time and your space is something that should be reserved for only the most special and genuine people. Stop wasting your time before it’s too late.

Time is the one resource that no one can ever get enough of. It’s the one thing we tell ourselves we must never subject to waste. Time is as precious and as valuable as any other thing in this world because it is the one resource none of us can ever negotiate for. Time is afforded to only the luckiest of us, and we must never take that for granted.

Time is what affords us the opportunity to live our lives in manners that excite us, that enlighten us, that elate us, and that develop us. Time is also what manages to break us down, to destroy us, to make us feel like we’re not worthy of existence. Time has a power on people who no one could ever put a value to. That is why we always remind ourselves to never waste our time on things, events, activities, and people who just aren’t worth it.

In the realms of love, timing isn’t necessarily everything, but it plays a huge role. We are all familiar with stories of the right love at the wrong time. That’s the kind of power that time has, and you can’t let that fact escape your mind. While love is important, and while we all do search for love in our lives, there are some kinds of “love” that just aren’t worth our time.

This is the fake kind of love; the love that turns us into cruel and pessimistic beings; the kind of love that darkens our souls and dampens our outlook on life. This is the love that diminishes our self-worth and our sense of confidence. We have to be wary of this toxic kind of love, and we must never bless it with our time. Our time is only worth valuable and breathtaking people and experiences.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time with that guy who never seems to love you the way that you love him. You can’t be devoting yourself to someone who can never seem to love you the way that you need to be loved. Don’t be wasting your time on that one guy who shuts you out often even though you always let him all the way in. Stop wasting your time with the man who pushes you away at every opportunity even though all you want to do is mend his wounds and make him feel like he’s a valuable soul. Don’t give any more attention to the guy who walks past you like you’re a wall ornament even though you treat him like he’s a masterful piece of art. - Continue reading on the next page