This Is What It’s Like To Be Cheated On By The One Person You Love Most In The World

A Posted 5 months ago
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There are just no words that can accurately describe the kind of pain that I felt when you chose to cheat on me.

The idea of forever used to always come up in your conversations. And so it’s strange to think how things turned out to be: forever was never in the cards for you after all. 

We made our promises to each other. We proclaimed our love for one another. We manifested all of our deep feelings through words and actions. We could never have imagined a scenario wherein we weren’t together. We thought we would have never been able to cope with the idea of being without each other. But in the end, none of these mattered. Nothing turned out the way that we intended. This is what blind hope does to people. It builds them up only to break them down. 

But I guess hope is always going to be a necessary aspect of human life. We can’t help it. We can’t possibly go through life in a happy manner if we didn’t have hope. Hope is what gives light to most of our days. Hope is what gives us the motivation to power through our darkest and most desperate hours. So you can never blame a person for hoping. 

But if you think that you “care” about a person and “hope” to have a future with this person, then why would you ever decide to cheat and be unfaithful? The answer is simple. You don’t care about this person as much as you think you do. You aren’t as hopeful about a future as you think you are. 

And no, your “animal instincts” and your “needs” aren’t an excuse. We all have instincts. We all have our share of needs. It’s just that my needs differed from yours. You had a need to pleasure yourself with someone else. I needed you to be loyal faithful to me. I needed you to commit to me. 

You will never know just how much it hurt to find out that you cheated on me. I can’t even think of any other experience in my life that could conjure up the same kind of emotional trauma that you gave me. I can’t think of any other time in my life wherein I felt so down, so betrayed, so unloved, and so uncared for. I couldn’t imagine ever being able to survive this kind of situation ever again. I felt like I hit rock bottom when you cheated on me.

There are just no words that can accurately describe the kind of pain that I felt when you chose to cheat on me. But consider this a literary attempt at trying to express my heavy feelings at that time.