This Is Why It’s Okay For You To Not Wait For Other People’s Love

A Posted a year ago
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Don’t you ever dare think to yourself that you’re just “settling” for love when you abandon the waiting game. That’s never the case. You’re just choosing to go after the love that you think you deserve. When you prolong the waiting game, you’re continually just pouring salt into your own wound and you’re not giving it a chance to heal. There is a void inside of you that waiting will never be able to fill. You have to know that while it is noble to be loyal and resilient when going after true love, it is important that you are deserving of the love that you’re being loyal to.

It’s a shame really. We were all programmed early on to believe that unlimited patience is absolutely necessary in order for us to find success in love. We are all taught to never be aggressive; to always be passive in the search for love. We always just have to wait for things to go their natural course. We have to let love come to us. Otherwise, we’re seen as emotionally devoid people who will grab at any chance we can get to experience romance and love. We never want to be known as the people who are stubborn and unwilling to wait for love to find us because that’s how the movies and society have programmed us to believe. They always manage to paint the picture of patience and waiting as grand gestures that are necessary for great love stories. They have managed to lead us to believe that if we wait long enough, the most beautiful kind of love story is waiting for us in the wings. They make us think that we are all deserving of love and that it will eventually come into our arms if we know how to be patient.

Patience in love is important, yes. The good things in life are always worth waiting for. But you have to remember that the best things in life are worth fighting for. You can never afford to be passive when it comes to finding love. You can’t afford to be watching from the sidelines; to be waiting in the wings. When you wait for that one particular person to develop feelings for you, you have to understand that that may end up being time that is wasted. You don’t want to be waiting for someone who has no plans of reciprocating whatever feelings you may have. When you wait for that one person, you also tend to shut off the possibilities of finding love with other people. You tend to shut yourself down emotionally, and so other people who are ready to give you the love you deserve will be unable to penetrate the façade that you’re putting up. You shouldn’t have to wait an unreasonable length of time for someone to love you when there are other people who are ready to give you love at any given time. You shouldn’t limit yourself to passivity and waiting. You’re practically waiting in vain and shutting yourself off from everything that you crave emotionally. - Continue reading on the next page