This is Why Missing Someone Doesn’t Mean They Belong In Your Life

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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So stop! Stop crying, stop trying, and stop missing!

Falling in love can open up a brand new world for you. A world where you can trust a person, where you can care and be cared for, where you don't have to constantly be on your toes and where there's someone who keeps you going despite everything. However, falling in love also means that you're entering a world of potentially getting your heart-broken. When two people love each other and I mean genuinely love each other, they don't think it'll ever end because despite the circumstances or despite the problems, you two would always think that you guys can make it. Face it, no one enters a relationship to have their heart-broken. It just happens.

If you two broke up because you just knew that this was never going to work out and the whole love that was there at the start of the relationship isn't there any longer, then somehow it doesn't hurt as bad. It sucks that it had to end but you knew it was going nowhere, but what's worse is an amicable breakup where you two realise that circumstances will never permit you two to be together. At least not now.

Distance, work, family or ambitions, there are a billion circumstances which led to where you are today. Aching to see him again, picking up the phone only to put it down today or thinking of him only to convince yourself that he wasn't the one for you. That's the thing about genuinely falling in love, it can never go away. You'll always have a place in your heart for him and you can't convince yourself of anything because he wasn't the one who did this and neither did you. The thought of everything being perfect again and the plans you're making to make it perfect again all have their flaws. I know the feeling of wanting someone back and preparing to make drastic changes just to get them back. However, what will you do after? You quit your high paying job to move closer to him or you decide to chase his ambitions instead of your own. Tell me, what good is that going to do? Put your emotions aside and think realistically for a change because the reality of the situation was what led to you two breaking up.