This simple technique us women need to know before we lose our man

F J Posted 2 years ago
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An eye-opener that was once given to me! Things became so much easier and so smooth once I really understood the concept and the importance of this technique. Before we do that, let's get some facts straight and bring them on the table.

Women are naturally complicated because we are naturally more emotional and sensitive about us, our loved ones and our surroundings. We care a little too much and we love a little harder, that is just something we are born with. Can’t really help it, boys!

So that is the first thing we need to accept. For girls too, understand that men think, feel and act differently. They are called 'instincts' or 'innate qualities'. The way you react to a situation and the way he reacts can vary drastically.

Expecting your partner to think the way you do is unfair with them, UNDERSTAND that they can’t. Once you accept this fact, trust me, things become a lot easier to go through, to work on!
Raise this load of unrealistic expectation off of your partner’s shoulders, if you truly love them.

Now that you have done that successfully, focus on working out a solution through this three-tier technique that might just open your eyes to how you view your partner.

Let’s take this situation literally. For example, you go to some exotic country and you go to a shop to get something, they have a diversified culture, you and this person you need to convey the message to, are coming from different backgrounds and you both don’t speak the same language either. So, what do you do? - Continue reading on next page