To The Girl Who Hasn’t found love

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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That girl is any of us. She’s you. And she’s me. And we haven’t been successful in finding it for all the reasons in the world. Because guys start to suck even more as they get older. Because dating feels like an impossible task once you leave school and enter the real world. Because it feels ridiculous to stay consistent and keep communicating with just one person in this present day, where every famous app gets replaced by a new one in a matter of weeks.

And it’s not like we’re not trying. I, for one, have tried every dating app that I could come across, whether it was Tinder or OkCupid, in the desperate times where I just didn’t know where else to look. And here comes the part where one of you might want to tell me, “Stop looking. Just let him find you.” But where exactly will he find me? At my office where I can’t even seem to have a single memorable conversation with anyone, let alone start a relationship?

Or after working a 9 hour shift when all I want to do is go home and collapse on my lovely bed? By this point, I’ve started to think that the only way he can find me is if he decides to break into my house one day. And that is definitely not the way I want to meet my Prince Charming.

And you know what the worst part is? I’m completely sure he’s somewhere out there. Maybe standing somewhere in a grocery aisle, wishing he had someone to help him out with this stuff, just waiting for me to step into his life. But I’m waiting for him too. - Continue reading on next page