Top 6 Reasons why relationships fail

A Posted 3 years ago
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Happiness- one common goal. We are all seeking happiness;  happiness within ourselves, our families, our jobs and most importantly, our romantic relationships…  ESPECIALLY our romantic relationships. The satisfaction that comes from a loving, committed relationship can make all the other problems of our life look insignificant.  So the question is if we all desire the same thing, then why do we fail so miserably in actually achieving it?  According to a study, almost 40% of marriages end in divorce and the rate of break ups between unmarried couples is way too high to even fit into any of the surveys. We’ll be discussing the most common deal breakers in a relationship:

6. Egocentricity

It takes two to build a relationship, one person cannot be the axis of any relationship, that will only create an imbalance. You cannot be the only one deciding which movie to watch, or choose which restaurant to go to or which city to live in etc. Even if it initially works out, the person being repressed will eventually get tired of this selfish attitude, it will all start with a small fight which will lead to bigger ones  and the relationship will start going down the hill.

Remember you're a team, partners. Be considerate towards your partner, leave the boss-employee attitude for the office, be kind, don't make everything about you. Don't degrade your partner, consider their views and respect their opinions. When you have arguments don't try to have the last word, feed your love not your ego. There's a reason why narcissism has been declared as personality disorder, it will never let you have a firm bond with anyone.  Shift the focus from me to 'us'. Learn to compromise.