Top 7 Things Women Notice About Men On First Interaction

EK Posted 2 years ago
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It's a proven fact that men and women both notice some traits in opposite gender on their very first meeting. The way guys have their eyes fixed on her, women also checkout men. Yes, it surely goes both ways.

What we notice right-away is mostly appearance based; physical attraction, your grooming, personality, manners etc. All things that are apparent within first few minutes of our meeting make a lasting impression.

Your first impression on the lady in the very first meeting is going to decide about the prospects of your future relationship with her. If you fail to impress her with your stature and persona, then the chances of her getting to know you are also bleak. So try to create a positive first impression on her during your first interaction. Once you strike her with your physical attractiveness she will take interest to know about all your personality traits.

Read on and find out the top 6 things that women notice right away.

1. Physical Stature

That is obviously the very first thing that a woman notices about you even before saying ‘Hello’ to you. Your height, weight and overall build is what she looks at before gazing into any other trait. The way you carry your self, how you move around, the way you walk, your body language; they observe everything from the moment they see you.

  • How To Get It Right

Invest time and effort in keeping yourself physically fit. A proper exercise routine and a healthy life style will definitely have positive affect on your physical stature. Try to compose your self. Have a pleasant personality with controlled body movements. Don't slouch. Stand and walk confidently and maintain an upright posture.