A True Story that will bring tears to your eyes - Choose him or her everyday

F J Posted 2 years ago
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I have not been too honest with myself in the past. I never fully accepted or understood, actually, the consequences that my words and actions could cause.

I was young, I had an idealistic view of life, love and my partner. I had read too many love stories and had watched a lot of movies. I knew exactly whom I wanted, I wanted that tall, dark guy with a heart of gold and everything going for him. That is the guy any girl in her early 20’s would want… right?

To my surprise, I actually met this dream guy on 15/03/2013. Nothing was short of perfection. I met him at the park, where we both used to go running. I never thought bumping into him would change me so much.
I am sure he never thought bumping into me would change everything about him one day.

I am here today because I feel I have, unknowingly, deformed a soul in trying to make him perfect, a soul that was perfect to begin with.

Our relationship started off with crazy and funny dates. We would go around and do the most random stuff and I enjoyed it, initially. He was so spontaneous, with the way he would suddenly stop talking and stare but then he would compliment me on something he noticed. He could do so much with his words and actions to surprise me. Things started to change when I got used to the spontaneity and all the compliments.

We were such an informal couple, we would dress up to go on a date like a normal couple does but the most random food stand would take our fancy and he would take me there, I admit that it was fun. But as time went on, I started to feel like I wanted more out of the relationship. I wanted him to do stuff that all my girlfriends told me about their boyfriends. You know, the usual; a bouquet, gifts, classy dinners. - Continue reading on next page