Wait For The Guy Who Doesn’t Make You Wait Anymore

A Posted 10 months ago
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This guy is going to come along and he’s going to hold the door for you at all times. He’s going to be the one to make you believe that chivalry is not a lost art, and that it lives through him.

Even though life can seem like it’s being genuinely unfair on you, you have to develop the resolve to persist in your struggles. Life wasn’t made to be fair. You have to be patient. You have to know that someday, you will be rewarded for your resilience; but only if you choose to stick things out. You can’t afford to be complacent. You do not have the luxury of being impatient. You have to know that time comes for us all, and we must grab at every opportunity that presents itself to us.

You have to know that someday, the perfect man will come along. He’s the one that you’ve been waiting for since the start, and he’s the one who will make sure that you won’t ever have to spend your time waiting any longer. Your time for waiting will be done, and he will guarantee that. All you have to do for the meantime is be patient.

This man is going to come along and tell his friends that he can’t hang out with them because he has a date with you. He won’t ever put you in the position of being ditched in favor of his friends. You mean so much more to him than that.

This guy is going to come along and won’t beat around the bush with you. He would willingly post happy photos of the two of you together on his social media pages without having to play the waiting game. He will be very blunt and forward with you about his intentions; he will never leave you second-guessing.

This boy is going to come along and be sensitive about your time. He would never leave you feeling anxious or nervous while waiting for a reply to a text message. This man is going to make the effort to contact you whenever he can. He won’t leave you waiting around for a phone call that is never going to come. He’s going to make sure that he is ready to talk to you whenever you feel like it.

This man is going to be the kind of guy who just shows up at your house unannounced with gifts and tokens in hand. He does this just because he wants to brighten up your day. He’s not going to be that guy who tells you that he’s coming right over, and yet, leaves you waiting in the wings. - Continue reading on the next page