Wait for the person who will care about how your day is going

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Whatever you end up doing in life, DO NOT settle for something less than what you deserve. Wait for the person who will have interest in knowing what your day is like. Wait for the person who will text you after every few hours just to ask if anything else has happened while they were away or if anything has distressed you because they always wish to be the first person to comfort you and make you feel better again.

For some of you reading this article, it might seem like a very normal question but for others, it’s the only thing they’ve been wishing to hear from someone… anyone.

They wish to hear it and feel like there’s someone out there who actually cares about them, about their mood, and about their day. They wish to find comfort in knowing that someone out there hopes to hear even the tiniest and most trivial details of their life. They wish to find happiness in knowing that someone out there wants to know what they’ve been doing because they truly want to be there. They truly want to feel close to them.

They truly want to be an important part of their lives. They truly want to stay integrated with the side of their lives that they don’t directly get to see. And they truly want to let them know that they’re not alone- not now and not ever!

Wait for the person who will never let you feel alone because they’ll constantly be asking about how you’re doing and how your day has been so far. Wait for the person who will never feel tired and annoyed of asking the same questions or even listening to the same answers over and over again.

Wait for the person who won’t just ask these questions for the sake of it, a person who will actually respond with excitement or comforting words or love, depending on whatever you tell them. - Continue reading on next page