18 little ways you can tell in the first month that your relationship is actually going to last

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Either you’re a girl or a guy, you’ll find yourself wondering about the future as soon as you start dating someone. Unless of course, it is in fact just a passing affair. You want them to be the one from the very start and you wish things would go well.  Although this is something very natural, and it makes the experience so much more, but there’s a downside to it as well. All this giddiness, clouds your judgment. You’re willing to overlook anything and everything in hopes of everything falling into place with time. There could be warning signs you’re overlooking. But then again, there could be signs that it’d last.

These 18 things can determine the fate of your relationship at the very beginning;

1. They don’t keep you waiting for a reply

You both have a life of your own and there’s no way you can give up on it. You have work, family, friends and other activities as well. Of course they’re a part of your life too. And vice versa. They do find the time to reply to you even when they’re busy. But they never keep you waiting without a reason. Even early on, they’re committed enough to not play hard to get. They want to be with you, and they make sure you know. One way of which is staying in touch when you’re not together.

2. They make plans and don’t bail out on you

You’re both as busy as any given person. But once you’ve decided to give this whole relationship thing a go, you need to make time for it. If they’re willing to invest time, that’s a good sign. They’d want to see you every opportunity they get. And they never back out. They clear time for you, and once they’ve made a plan, they’d never cancel. Unless it’s something unexpected and unavoidable. But then that’s understandable. And you can expect them to make up for it later. *Continue reading on next page*