What Happens When You Break Up On Good Terms

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Break up is agonising, it's debilitating and it is extremely difficult. One feels absolutely hopeless and miserable after going through such a tough time. You abhor the individual, yet you adore the individual. But in the end, you wind up detesting yourself for loving them and being in a relationship with them, which in the long run prompts you despising them significantly more for making you still think about them. It's really exhausting.

But have you ever thought about what happens if the break up is quiet? What really happens if there is no big fight or some incident that breaks the relationship? Or what happens when you both break up on good terms rather than the one leaving the other or cheating or any other reason?

A relationship can actually end on good terms. Sometimes, there is no antagonism between the two in the end. There are no fights involved in this kind of breakup, they don’t fight with you, and you don’t argue with them, no one really fights FOR each other, either. There aren’t any of those long mad texts sent to one another or fighting on call or anything.

This kind of breakup is not really mutual every time it happens, but it occurs with self-respect on both sides. You won’t really think low of the other person even after the breakup. You won’t really end up at their door at 2 AM, sobbing and trying to get them back after this breakup.

People are mostly surprised when they hear the news about this breakup because they think nothing was ever wrong between the two. The friends won’t try to interfere after they understand the reason behind this breakup. And that is basically the whole thing about this breakup, nothing really goes wrong between the two. *Continue reading to next page*