What It Feels Like To Be Cheated On

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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When you decide to ignore the love of a person for the sake of something temporarily exciting, you are bringing about a disaster and setting countless lives on the road to hell.

You are not just ‘having a fling’ you are making a decision that will, for eternity, affect a person’s life. Cheating feels good in the moment but just like lying, you realize later how things could have been simpler if only you had a shred of sense back then, if you had not let lust take over your integrity. Besides bringing about an enormous change in people’s lives, you turn some lives upside down without realizing; you emotionally traumatise people for a lifetime when you cheat on them.

Love is like a delicate bird; you break a wing once and it shutters for all of its life.

Being cheated on can greatly damage a person’s idea of love, likewise. We dedicate ourselves to love when we are in a relationship. Our world revolves around the person and every little thing they do so when all of that is taken away, when we are made to realize that all our efforts and all our expectations are going to dust, we break badly. We detach ourselves from love for a long, long time and consider it impossible to feel so deeply for anybody ever again.


Along with everything we feel when someone chooses someone else over us, we feel immense self-doubt. It grows in us rapidly, snatching our confidence away and leaving us in a state of utter weakness. Emotionally, we render ourselves completely useless because the one person we were able to love did not love us back. Are we that unlikable?

Are we that much worthless that people can so easily replace us? Are we not good enough for the world? When you cheat, you induce a great dose of self-doubt sucking out their esteem leaving them in a miserable state. - Continue reading on the next page