What It Means To Love a Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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A girl who has lived through trauma has lived through an experience where she felt like her mind, her body, her entire self was not her own. An experience that made her feel fragmented- ripped apart from herself, her safety, and even her sanity. It was a moment that broke her faith and trust into a million pieces, a moment that made her question her own worth, and a moment where the only thing left around her was pain.

She is the girl who got shoved aside to the deepest end of the pool when she didn’t even know how to swim. But somehow, she managed to find her way to safety anyway. She walked through a burning house and never succumbed to the smoke. She dealt with all the burns and made it out alive. She even found herself free-falling to the ground but she still refused to give up and break upon impact.

She survived all of it. She truly did.

But something you need to understand about trauma is that it never really goes away, even when it’s over.

And sometimes, her trauma will be loud. Sometimes, it will be the monster that bangs on her doors and screams demonically in her heart at 3 in the night. It will feel like nails scratching on a chalkboard and an earthquake that can rattle the world around her. It will destroy everything in its wake and it will demand that everyone around her acknowledges its horrible and terrifying presence. So sometimes, she is left with no choice but to sit with her hands clapped tightly over her ears, making sounds that are barely even human, praying and hoping desperately that all of this will stop. - Continue reading on next page