What It Really Means to Love a Girl Who has always been on Her Own

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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A girl who has always been on her own will be nothing like the other girls you will love in your life. That is definitely guaranteed. The walls around her will be built up the highest and they will NOT be easy to break through.

Because for a very long period of time, they were exactly that- her walls

They are a part of the world that she built completely on her own. And yes, while their purpose was only to keep her protected, they also started to become a source of her identity. They are the surrounding shell of an abode she made, a life she created, and a world that belongs to no one but her. These walls protect her. They maintain her. They keep her safe. And they are also all she really knows now.

So looking for a space to give to someone else will be hard for her. It will feel like a challenge to her mind.

A girl who has always been on her own will probably end up saying at some point that she “doesn’t need you.” She’ll blurt out variations of “I’m capable of doing it myself”, “You don’t need to worry about it” and “I’ve got my own shit to handle”. And she will say these things so often that she’ll just start to sound like an independent, one-woman, broken record to your ears.

And the reality is that all of the things she says will be true to a certain extent. She probably is capable of doing it herself. You really don’t need to worry about it. And she has got her own shit to handle in life.

But just because she is capable of doing it herself, and just because, realistically speaking, she probably doesn’t need you, doesn’t actually mean she doesn’t WANT you either. - Continue reading on next page