13 Things Women Will Just Never Understand About Men

A Posted a year ago
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Men can be complicated, too.

Since the beginning of time, men and women were created separate and hence, lived separate lives. Separate not as in isolated physically, however, there are certain aspects of one gender which the other gender cannot understand. They can try, take part in their joy, sympathize with them, but they can't say that they completely 'get it'.

It's simple really, even in the 21st century you can't think that every element of gender bias has been completely eradicated from society. Everyone knows that. What they don't know (or choose not to acknowledge) is that men are often faced with certain circumstances which people overlook since, well, they're men and as shallow as that statement might sound, it is how it is.

Here are some of the things which men feel or are face throughout their lives which a woman can never fully understand.

1) Sexism can go both ways:

This might be something that women can understand in regards to feeling it themselves; however, the scenario for men is entirely different. Men are constantly told to 'man up' which, to be honest, is the dumbest thing to say to a man. Like, you're telling me to man up, what EXACTLY are you implying here? Are men somehow supposed to just bear it all and act like they're fine with whatever people throw their way since they're 'men'?

If a woman thinks that people constantly making them feel like they're fragile creatures is sexist, try feeling like you aren't even supposed to feel anything at all. Oh, and do I even need to go on about sexist ad campaigns where you promote an unrealistic body image for US? How is that okay? Why is everything okay since it's about a man?

I can almost bet that you've never seen men complain about sexism. Not because they haven't faced any in their lives, but because you can't retaliate if you're a man or else everyone else will retaliate and tell you to 'man up'. So we just keep it to ourselves. - Continue reading on next page