What You Learn When You’re Finally In A Healthy Relationship For Once

SB Posted 2 years ago
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A relationship that makes you feel good is considered healthy. I had been tormented for years because I used to hang out with the wrong people. They let me feel very insecure about myself. I had tumbled to the verge of insanity and then crawled back up the hill. Dealing with defeat was tough; my eye for curiosity had brought me more harm than good. I felt broken and ripped. I had been alone for too many long nights. I had been crying myself to sleep for over a year now.

I had trust issues; I couldn’t look at people in the eye. My spark had gone, the world had killed the confident little child I used to be. I believed that I was the ugliest piece of meat and bone to walk the earth. I didn’t think I was worth anything good. I stopped believing in myself. I had a hard time communicating. People that had known me before failed to recognise the person I had become. I had anxiety attacks, those of you who think that they aren’t a thing you need to reconsider what you are saying. Anxiety attacks are worse than depression, when they happen you are hurt so much that you cannot breath, it’s hard to move and your body hurts.

I had given until it hurt and I didn’t have the strength to give more. I had pushed myself way beyond my mental and physical capacity and now I was done! I was far; far away from any healthy relationship and was stuck in a phase I couldn’t seem to get out of. Along came this boy and no matter how hard I pushed, he always seemed to find a way to get back. He always had a reason to be around me. I started opening myself up to him and we became the best of friends. I didn’t know what a healthy relationship felt like until I was in one. I didn’t know what a true friend was or how a girl should be treated by a guy, until I met my partner.

I was shocked that there was a whole new world that I was completely oblivious to. I felt so jealous, I felt so stupid. Why did I not set morals and why did I let my worth be so little? Why did I not see when someone maltreated me and most of all, why did I not fight back for myself? If you are not feeling at least one of these things in your relationship, it means that you are not in a healthy relationship and you should reconsider your options.

1. You will bloom

Yes, bloom, you are going to feel like a fresh spring flower. You will know that the world admires you for who you are and you will feel the change within yourself. You will wake up to a good morning text and it’s absolutely fine if you don’t wake up to one, you can always send one yourself and get love in return.