What women actually mean when they say “I’m Fine”

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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What’s more imperative than knowing what this phrase really means is to first understand why we assume that if a woman says she’s fine, she probably doesn’t mean it. If you’re a man, you won’t find it odd or even concerning when you dismiss your own feelings about something with a quick wave of your hand and a simple “I’m fine”.

But when you find a woman doing the exact same thing, you’ll automatically assume that this one phrase has a thousand resentments and regrets behind it, which she wants you to force out of her. So you roll your eyes and set out to decipher all the things she actually wants to say. And in the process, you completely deny the possibility that maybe, just maybe, she really is fine or that her problems are a result of something outside of this relationship.

Do you ever wonder why so many women resort to this one phrase time and again, why they feel more comfortable in saying nothing is wrong than actually admitting to what’s bothering them? They do it because it’s something they’ve been taught to do since the very start. They do it because they want to think they’re different from all those ‘needy and psycho girlfriends’, the ones who just can’t keep their emotions to themselves.

They do it because they have too much pride to actually ask someone else to solve the problems they’re facing. They do it because they believe that they’re strong enough to handle everything themselves, without relying on the men in their life. So they say they’re fine and they wait for their problem to disappear magically, without even having to acknowledge it.

By now, I’m sure you’ve come across several articles, TV shows, books, and interviews with this one purpose: To explain the complex thoughts that go on in the female mind when they’re in a committed relationship. We hope that this article will help explain this one purpose even better. Here are the possibilities as to what could really be on a woman’s mind when she uses the phrase “I’m fine”.

  1. She actually is fine

I know this might be hard to believe but in many situations, she really does mean it. There isn’t a hidden connotation behind it. She really is using these two simple words as a way to describe her content and stable life. And even if something’s wrong, there’s still a possibility that the thought of having a difficult and lingering conversation about all the problems in her life feels just as strenuous to her as it does to you. So she doesn’t want you to be a mind-reader. She isn’t playing hard to get. She’s simply tired and isn’t in the mood to explain herself any further.

  1. She’s doesn’t want to sound accusatory or needy by saying what she actually feels

There are times when she feels uncomfortable about something in your relationship but she doesn’t want to be the one complaining and criticizing. She doesn’t want to do that one thing for which women are usually frowned upon. And she doesn’t want you to perceive this as an attack and start feeling hurt and offended. So she tends to overlook the fact that maybe if she truly opened up to you, if you both took this conversation with an open mind and without judgment, and if you both are truly concerned about whatever the issue is, then telling her true feelings rather than saying “I’m fine” would actually end up being extremely healthy for the relationship.  - Continue reading on next page