Do Women Prefer Helpful Men or Handsome Men?

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Altruism or Attractiveness - Which of the Two "A’s" Do Women Rate More in Men?

What matters more – beauty or brains? A perplexing matter for women when deciding to go for long and short-term relationships. The two leading "A’s" women like to see in men, altruism and attractiveness, are on every woman’s list yet, not every guy possesses them both at the same time. So there’s somewhat of a competition between men possessing these two traits; how women rate them depending on whether they like a guy with a good face or heart.

So, to see what women would generally go for – guy with a handsome face or a helpful nature, Daniel Farrelly, psychologist at the University of Worcester in the UK, tested preferences of 200+ heterosexual women. He conducted a small test, showing women men’s photographs in pairs, each marked with a letter on it. As the women looked at the photographs, they were asked by researchers to imagine a scenario in which the two kinds of men behaved differently.

First scenario:

Man S and Man T – are depicted to be at a picnic, sitting beside a river with a fast water current. A child in the river’s about to be swept away by the current; a woman nearby yells, “Someone help! Save my child!”.

Man T hears the mother’s plea for help, instantly jumps into the river to save the child and Man S chooses not to help when he notices the speed of the current. *Continue reading on next page*