What Your Body Goes Through after Heartbreak

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Our body collaterally responds when we go through heartbreak or experience something that is both saddening and shocking. The pain we feel is real and not something our mind makes up; calling it an overreaction is not fair. Feelings are a part of our system and they make us human. They affect our mood and can even cause other kinds of physical pain because our brain is interrelated with all of the other body parts by the nervous system.

So when you are heartbroken and feel like your appetite is dying, that is because your body reacts to your emotional pain. Stress is capable of changing some processes in your body that can make you feel different; therefore, heartbreak is not a completely abstract thing.

These are some things that happen to your body when you are suffering through heartbreak:

1. Rejections Can Slow Down Your Heartbeat:

Psychologists say that social rejections can result in low heart rates and researchers verify the fact that breaking can definitely be a form of social rejection. So after you face a sudden emotional change that you were not expecting at all, it affects your heart rate; it slows down a bit. And a slow heart rate may or may not be healthy but it can surely affect the other parts of your body if not taken back to normal in a suitable time period.

2. Stress Can be Dangerous:

When you finally get over the shock, you usually start feeling stressed out. All kinds of thoughts start to hit you and you start wondering and over-thinking about them. You wonder if you did something wrong or if you are a bad person or if someone will ever love you again. All of these unpleasant thoughts are forms of stress and stress can cause damage.