When Others Are More Concerned About YOUR Wedding

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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"So, when are you getting married?", Society asked annoyingly.

"With all due respect, it's none of your business", thought the person, but alas, all they could do was laugh and change the topic.

People seem to always be concerned about anyone's life besides their own. When you were a kid, they wanted to know what grades you got. When you're an adult, they wanted to know what job you got and now they want to know when you'll tie the knot. It's not only frustrating for single people because it's a reminder that they're single; honestly some people prefer to be single. It's also frustrating for someone in a relationship and actually more for them than anyone else because people tend to implement their advice on how another person's relationship should work.

This has become an age old question which doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. No one ever tells you about this part of adulthood, where you constantly have to look over your shoulder for people ready to ask you questions you don't know the answers to yourself. The truth is, barely anyone does it to offend you, some people are genuinely asking you when you'll get married. They like knowing what's going on in your life and what your plans are for the future. This makes it all more hard because you know they don't mean to frustrate you, they just do!

1. We might be doing the same thing.

Funny thing is that sometimes, even we frustrate others. You know that those two have been together for nearly a decade and no matter how supportive you are of their relationship, you want to know whether or not they plan on taking it to the next level. See? You didn't mean any harm either but you were wondering and so are those people who ask you.

People will never stop, they have been going at this since the beginning of time and they have no plans of stopping any time soon. You can, however, change how you feel about them asking you stuff like this. For example, you don't have to feel sad or mad about it. You can just tell them that you're fine with the way things are for you right now or that if they're concerned, maybe they can set you up with someone they know.