7 Reasons Why Most Women Don’t End Up With A Real Gentleman

Misty Renee Posted 7 months ago
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What do you look for most in a man? Good looks? A sense of humor? Money and expensive gifts? While it’s hard for many of us to admit because of how shallow it may sound to the outside world, the fact of the matter is that these three traits are indeed the most sought after traits when you’re looking for a guy, when you want to have someone to call your own, and when you’re waiting to enter a relationship.

And I’m not implying here that these are the ONLY things you truly want from a man. You might also desire to have a guy who remains sensitive to your feelings, a guy who can actually understand you, and a guy who can be called a real gentleman. But these kinds of traits aren’t exactly easy to judge in the first few dates or even in the first few months in some cases.

You can’t really tell if a guy is indeed a gentleman if he opens the door for you on the first date because maybe that was just a way of impressing you, and maybe he won’t ever repeat that gesture again once he knows you’ve fallen for him. So we stop looking for these traits that actually go beyond the surface, and that actually take some time and effort to confirm.

And we settle to look for traits that are easy to observe, and that seem good enough to the outside world. If you want to understand why you haven’t found the right guy yet, and then actually do something to change this, read on to know the top 7 reasons why most women don’t end up with a real gentleman.

  1. Placing financial security above love

The materialistic society of today places one thing above all others- the importance of money. So it’s not surprising when a woman gets more attracted towards the successful doctor, lawyer or any guy who has his life set with a high-paying job than the sweet college professor or the guy who is just trying to study and work harder towards a better life.

While the presence of money will definitely avoid a lot of unnecessary fights, arguments, and discomforts, but the quest to keep earning it might end up keeping your partner really busy. So don’t be surprised one day when he doesn’t even have time to eat dinner with you, or when he forgets to show up at your anniversary because of an important meeting that came up or when you realize that you don’t really have anyone to talk to all the time. - Continue reading on the next page