Why Girls Who Cut Their Hair Are Actually Cutting So Much More

EK Posted 2 years ago
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It is a universally accepted fact that the hair of a woman represents her beauty. We overlook the reality that most of the time, women's hair represents what she thinks of herself, how high or low her self-esteem is, how confident she is with her own being, what she wants to convey to people around her, and how badly she wants a personal transformation.

Our belief that women who cut their hair do so for one reason is totally absurd. We fail to realise that length of a woman's hair is closely linked with her emotional state. When a woman cuts her hair short, she wants us to notice more than the length of her hair.

Women will go for shorter hair length; to look and feel young, to create their own stylish look, to adopt a style that is easier to maintain, to give a clear indication of their emotional status, to challenge the sexist standards of beauty or just simply to get rid of the dead and damaged locks.

A girl or woman may choose to go for a shorter hair cut for more than one reason. Let’s find out what a girl is actually cutting off when she decides to cut off her hair.

1. She Is Cutting Off Fear

We all know that men always prefer a girl with long flowing hair. The standard of beauty has been forced-fed in their minds by society. Many women fear the rejection and displeasure of their life partner if they go for a shorter hair length.

But when a girl or a woman finally decides to cut her hair, it means she is also cutting off her fear. She has now gained the courage to be what she wants to be and is no more afraid of rejections and disapproval. She is confident that she will rock even with her short hair style.