Why is it hard to fall back in love with the person who broke your heart?

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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They broke you once, don't let them break you twice.

Heartbreak, it simply cannot vanish. With time, the wound heals but the scar! The scar remains. The painful memory keeps resurfacing every now and then. After the heartbreak, even if you get back with your partner, things won’t ever be the same.

Yes, you two might try to work it out or try to be normal but for one of the partners, the pain will always be there at the back of their mind, trying to break free, trying to come out at the most unexpected moments.

Second chances are all the rage these days. However, getting back together with your partner after they have hurt you is almost never healthy. It does not matter if you decide to give your partner a second chance after a month or a year after the heartbreak, the pain will still be there, constantly poking the subconscious.

But like most things, relationships can be fixed with perseverance and hard work. We’ve hunt the most prevalent and difficult aspects that make the patch-ups so hard but working on them can make falling back in love much easier and a smoother process.

  1. Pain and the anticipation of pain

Recent researches have shown that heartbreak causes such a pain that lights up the same areas of the brain as physical pain does. Heartbreak is devastating on both mental level and emotional level. Another research showed that getting over a breakup is same as going through the drug withdrawal.

That kind of pain is not easy to forget. Even if you give your partner another chance, you will still have that memory of the heartbreak, the endless nights, the crying, the anger and the helplessness that you felt. Is this something you can get over easily and restore the normality that was there before your partner broke your heart?

Think of it the heartbreak as an accident that you need to recover from and like all injuries, emotional injuries take a lot of time to heal before you can walk properly. - Continue reading on the next page