Why it will be Difficult to Love people Who Don't Love Themselves

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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I’ve come across a lot of different articles talking about the difficulty associated with loving another person when you don’t truly love yourself.

But today, I want to finally turn everyone’s attention towards the struggles and hardships faced by the other person in relationships like these.

If you consider yourself a self-loathing person, take out some time to imagine how your partner might be going through some of the things described below:

 1. If a self-loathing partner starts feeling like there’s something missing in their own personality, they might start relying on you to fill that gap and make them feel complete. This is something that might just feel nice at first- a lot of people like to feel needed!

But if their attitude becomes constant, it can possibly turn into excessive dependency or neediness. And it will leave you feeling less appreciated for who you actually are, and more appreciated for all the things you can do for this self-loathing partner.

 2. Communication will always be very difficult with a self-loathing partner. This is usually a result of their insistence to always read the worst into everything you say because they can’t help but project their own feelings of inadequacy and insecurities onto you.

This is why you might find yourself closely monitoring each and everything you say to your partner, possibly even allowing communication to decline altogether when it starts to become more pointless and frustrating. - Continue reading on next page