Why it’s Okay to Be a Girl Who Cares too much

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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So you give them all your and expect nothing in return – your family, friends, colleagues, strangers. You pour your energy into helping others whichever way you can; you don’t even look at your schedule when someone out there needs you. And yet despite all your efforts, you’re the one always left behind holding an umbrella just big enough to cover both your heart and theirs.

You care too much. When it leaves stranded with nothing left for yourself, you wish to yourself “If only I didn’t care and love as much as I do.” But that’s where you’re wrong. You cannot change who you are based on others’ attitude towards you; they aren’t facts. What the fact actually is that it’s a great sign of strength and resilient willpower to stay caring and loving in a cruel world.

Don’t let the world change that in you. Besides, to be caring in a world gone all too oblivious to humanity’s wellbeing is considered a rebellious act so might as well play it. Here are some upsides of being a too caring person – especially girls who feel and care too deeply and hence hurt too deeply too. Don’t change your caring nature because:

  1. That is who you are

That is the thing about good people who care and feel too much – they do so regardless of how they get treated in return; because that is who they truly are. You cannot run from who you are. Even after you have given them your best and get treated not so fairly in the end, you will most likely take the not-so-nice road, get all revengeful and bitter towards others and about life in general. - Continue reading on next page