Why men start to pull away when women want them the most

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Have you ever been into a relationship where, being a woman, you think that you are going absolutely at the right pace and it’s all great and romantic until one day you feel like he is pulling away? This happens with almost 90% of women who are in their prime time of dating and looking for the right guy. So here is a situation: a guy asks you out, you say yes and you two have the most amazing time of your lives together on the first and the next few ones. On the 6th date just when you think that this might be it, the guy seems a little distant. So what led to this conclusion of events?

Here is a theory that might help:

According to women, all a guy sees in them is the outer beauty and if any guy stops seeing it, it’s obvious that they don’t find her attractive enough anymore. Well that’s not it. The real reason behind a guy’s repulsion is totally something else. Most of the time, when a woman starts dating a guy and it all goes great for the next couple of days, she starts thinking that this might be turning into something serious. She might start fantasizing the guy into her future and although she does not share the feeling with him, it’s still obvious in her actions.

Women need to feel secure and that feeling of security turns into an apparent need of having something permanent in their lives if they really like it. So when a guy starts feeling that the girl he’s dating indirectly wants something from him that he is not yet ready to give, he starts pulling away. In reality, they both have a great time together but their needs change and that change scares most guys. It is hard for guys to commit to a relationship before the 15th date than women because they like to live in the moment and when they realize that she wants to get something out of him, they start becoming a little distant. - Continue reading on next page