Why She Doesn't Believe That You Love Her

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Dear Men, I know you’re confused. Maybe a little frustrated, even.

Dear Men, I know you’re confused. Maybe a little frustrated, even. You see her, all parts of her: the good and the bad! And you can’t help but fall in love with each and every one of them. You can’t help but feel like all those flaws and all those imperfections that she tries so hard to hide are exactly what make her truly beautiful. And you can’t help but feel like devoting your entire life towards making her feel as beautiful and perfect as she actually is.

But she just won’t believe you. She just won’t let herself go. And she just won’t understand how it is even possible for you to feel that way for her. This drives you crazy. It makes you feel helpless. You feel like you would do absolutely anything to make her see herself through your eyes for just a minute. You feel like taking away all of her pain and insecurities once and for all and filling her life with the kind of happiness she truly deserves. You feel like you just want to break through that wall she has built around her. And you just can’t seem to understand why it was ever built in the first place. I know you want to break through, I know you want to understand, I know you want to give her true happiness and I know you want her to really believe you when you tell her you love her.

But it’s just not that simple for her. It’s not simple because people made her promises that they could never even keep. Because she’s lost so much of her self-esteem that she doesn’t even feel like she deserves the love you’re giving her. Because too many people have entered her life and then just left, without any reason, without any guilt and without a warning. She doesn’t want you to be one of those people. She doesn’t want more broken promises. She doesn’t want to lose the little bit of self-esteem that’s still left. But she does want to believe you. She does want to give you a chance. She does want to trust you enough to give her the love she deserves. She really does, but life has given her too many reasons to not trust the people who say they “love” her. *Continue reading on next page*