Why the Idea of Commitment Ends a Relationship before it Starts

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Commitment is a big deal and certainly not an easy one. Men and women have different views of it, as it is observed; women love the idea of spending their lives with the man they love and so do men but at certain points in a relationship, commitment tends to freak men out and there is no denying that. At times like proposing, before getting engaged and married etc. but what scares them away at once is the idea of commitment in the beginning of a relationship.

You tell him “I’m looking forward to something serious in this relationship” in this exact form or in disguise and he packs his bags to runs away to the Himalayas where you or anybody related to you cannot find him.

Just like you would shoo away a guy who is only sexually interested in you, men tend to be absurd only talking about being ‘serious’ in the beginning of a relationship. It does not, at all, mean that women are overly attached or clingy but it only happens to give men the wrong idea. You have had bumpy relationships and you are really tired of men coming and going like it is a festival where you are not supposed to stay after midnight, so you are justified in wanting to settle down and have something serious, finally.

But, men running off on the name of commitment can be justified too, for they see an insecure person in you when you bring up the ‘where is this relationship going’ talk only after a month or two of dating.

Saying “I’m serious” in the initial stage of a relationship sounds to men like “I love you already, will you marry me?”

This one question of yours might actually be the reason why guys run off after a few weeks of dating. Maybe it is your expectations from them expressed that make them think twice before going out on another date with you or call you after the amazing date on which you told him so.

They get the wrong idea from this expression of yours in this sense: you are insecure being single, you are unhappy alone and only want to keep dating him out of desperation for something ‘serious’.

Some of you might disagree and reason that women only want to have something meaningful, and it is true, but to date men it is kind of important to know how their dating strategies work. - Continue reading on next page