Why The Person Who Broke Your Heart Cannot Heal You?

EK Posted 2 years ago
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Your heart broke. The most terrible thing to happen to a person is heartbreak. Reasons are mainly betrayal and infidelity. There can be some other reasons also, like your partner has chosen his/her career over you, they don’t want to stay with you due to your financial issues, your partner has a totally different perspective on life.

There can be a number of reasons for which people leave their partners. Those who are left behind are the ones who suffer a lot. No matter how many explanations and reasoning is given to you, nothing can minimise your heartache that resulted from this breakup.

A person with a broken heart goes through emotional and psychological traumas and it takes a lot of time to overcome the excruciating pain of a heartbreak. Once the damage is done, it's done and nothing can ever mend your heart like it was before.

When ‘your love’ breaks your heart, you can never revert to be the same person ever again. You are the one whose:

  • trust has been broken
  • been cheated-on
  • dreams have shattered
  • future life seems bleak
  • self-worth has been jeopardised
  • heart is broken
  • life has lost its meaning
  • belief in love is badly shaken