Why True Love Isn’t Something You Just Find, It’s Something You Create

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Discovering love is truly something magnificent. You meet someone special. You spend some time together. You get to know each other better and with every passing minute, you think to yourself where this person had been hiding all your life. And if things work out just right, you realize that you’ve finally found “the one”. People all around us fall in love every day. Love isn’t something rare. But true and unconditional love is!

True love is what’s needed to make a relationship last a lifetime. True love isn’t rigid. It adapts. It grows. And it evolves into something bigger than anything you’ve ever known or felt. But this isn’t a fast-paced process. You don’t find this kind of love just waiting around for you to come and discover it. It requires patience. It requires time. And it requires real devotion and commitment. You need to be with a person for years to be completely sure that the love you share isn’t just an ordinary love.

True love won’t be something you find, stumble upon or just fall into. True love will be built, slowly and with a great amount of care. And when you finally have it, when you finally know that feeling, you’ll realize how there is nothing more beautiful in this world than the true love you share with someone. You won’t feel this way because you’ve found something absolutely pure and flawless. Human beings are flawed creatures. They make mistakes and they all have their own sets of weaknesses, insecurities, and imperfections. So your love doesn’t have to be absolutely pure to be true, but it does have to be completely honest and real. And in a world like today, that’s the best we can hope for. - Continue reading on next page