Why waiting for someone you love to love you back is difficult, but worth it

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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People often say that love can only exist when it’s shared. If this is so, why do we see so much love in the world not being reciprocated? How do people claim to be completely in love with a person who doesn’t say they love them back? And how do these people feel so passionate about a person while knowing that these feelings aren’t even mutual?

Since the start of time, we have all been raised to believe that love is an ethereal force, a force that might even be descried as magical. All the movies, the books, the sappy songs, the love stories around us, teach us to perceive love as something that you will mysteriously stumble upon, something that was always written in your destiny.

But in my years of learning and experience, one thing I’ve realized is that love is anything but mysterious. The real mystery of this world lies in understanding the people who claim to be in love. Of course, the reasons behind loving another person can always depend on the person, the situation or anything in the world, but one thing that always remains constant is love. And every time this love reveals itself, it tends to follow a similar pattern.

It’s possible for anyone in the world to fall in love, but it isn’t possible to fall in love with just anyone. This is one of the reasons why we can’t ever force someone to love us back. We can’t force someone to feel the exact same things we do. And we definitely can’t force someone to be with us just because it makes us happy. Here are some things you should always keep in mind while you’re waiting for that special someone to utter those 3 words to you:

  1. It always takes time to create trust

If you’ve ever had your heart-broken, you’ll know how difficult it can be to move on from that, to allow yourself to open up to someone new, and to truly trust again! So if you feel like your partner hasn’t completely opened up yet, don’t assume that they’re just not willing to fall in love ever again. It’s possible that their previous heart breaks have just made them more cautious about love.

If you really feel a strong connection with your partner, if you think you have a compatible personality, and if you can sense how their happiness always seems to increase with your presence, then just give them some time- time to open up to you, time to let out their vulnerable side, and time to start trusting again! When you’ll wait it out and prove to your partner that you’re not going anywhere, they will most certainly start to fall for you. - Continue reading on next page