12 Reasons Why a Woman Might Reject You At Once

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Let’s face it: We naturally expect men to make the first move when it comes to asking out. There have been changes in that area lately but a large amount of people still stick to that ritual. When men go forward they are very often rejected by women, which leaves them puzzled as to why it happened.

It takes courage to go up to someone and risk your self-esteem by saying honest things (sometimes not very honest), therefore rejection comes with great pain. Like everything has a reason, there are reasons why women reject men without taking too much time. There are reasons why ’no’ hits them as an answer as quickly as they are presented with the question, besides them generally not being interested in you or anyone.

Read these 12 possible reasons so that you can help yourself and avoid doing everything wrong that you are currently doing.

  1. Desperation in Tone:

It is easy for everyone, not just women, to detect desperation in a person’s tone while they talk. If the ‘talk’ is not ordinary talk but a try to ask a woman out, is gets even easier to detect desperation.

Women are keen when a man is asking them out; they are sure to be sure about every minor detail so if they smell desperation in your offer, they will say no at once. Nobody likes to have a clingy person around, especially not one who was desperate enough to go out with anybody in the first place.

Men tend to focus on their ways more than needed after a breakup; that can be a reason of unintentional desperation in their ways and their tone. Taking yourself lightly is the way to go, the ultimate solution. - Continue reading on next page