Why you are still single based on your birth order

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Birth order matters a lot in shaping your personality. You often think why you behave a certain way even though the situation is different every time. It is because of the way you were raised based on your birth order:

The first-born:

The first-born is the most pampered of all. He gets all the attention of his parents and immediate family and ultimately everything around them somehow relates to them. Everything should happen exactly the way you want and you start expecting too much from others. The reason why you are still single being the first-born is because everything around you is all about “you”. You have low regard for other’s preferences and choices and want everything to happen your way.

You do not like when someone tries to be assertive and are only comfortable when you get to make the decisions. You need to realize that when you are dating someone or when you are looking for a life partner you need to be less self-centered and more open towards other’s ideas as well.

Two people who are first-born can never last a very long relationship so either be a little more tolerant towards others or find someone who is less stubborn and listens to you more. - Continue reading on next page